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I don't know how active I will be on here, but now that I had a chance to change my username I decided that I didn't want to forget all of the history I have attached to this account. I'm keeping the other one [] around in case I feel like using it for something, but will continue using this one as my main account.  

I don't even know how much I will use this, but that's okay. If I don't make promises I won't disappoint anyone, including myself. ;) A lot has changed around here since I've logged on so it'll take some time to get my bearings. 

So is anyone still here? How are your lives? xD
It's been almost exactly two years since I've posted here, which is crazy. I am planning on coming back to DeviantArt, but I think it is time to put this moniker to rest. The art on here goes way back and some of it embarrasses me--it really doesn't represent where I am right now.

My new DeviantArt is here:

I have no idea who's still around, but if anyone is please feel free to follow me. I'll probably go around and try to find the few peeps whose stuff I've missed being caught up on. Thanks to everyone who hung around for this past chapter of my life, and thanks to anyone who continues to follow in the various other places I've been posting.
So! So. I guess it is pretty obvious at this point that art studentdom means that I cannot update during the semesters. The upside is that I have finished so much for my classes, and though it's not the sort of stuff I consistently post here, I still plan on catching up on everything in the next few weeks before vacation is over. I just have a lot of sorting to do. I still have stuff from my spring semester that hasn't yet been posted, so I suppose that should go first.

Anyways, how have people been? I miss DeviantArt! It's just hard to keep it a top priority, sadly.

Before I upload things here some of my work can be viewed on the website I made for meself for my digital media class. Here

I hope things are going well and I'm going to try to catch up with people as well as my artwork soon! Ask me questions about things if you wish to!
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Hey all, I know it's been a really long time. School ended and then I immediately hit a funk and it's been hard for me to get on here and update and keep up with everything.

I'll be wading through my inbox over the next couple days, and also try to catch up on other peoples' art, I've fallen very behind on that stuff!

As far as uploading art I am trying to kick myself out of this funk but it's very difficult. I will at least have some submissions from my semester at school (though not all of them because my art teacher took my favorite works without my permission). So that could be fun.

I have a few comics to upload to catch up, but I haven't been working on it and I'm not sure I'm going to. I know it will probably disappoint some people, and I am a bit disappointed in myself for not being able to follow through with a project, but I've gotten to the point where it is boring to draw (especially work on in Flash for coloring) and the story is not original enough to carry me through that. I like the story well enough but it doesn't really get interesting until much later, and honestly I think I can write a much better storyline. I dunno.

Anyways if it's any consolation, I do have most of the script the comic would follow up on dA, you can find the first part here:

I'm trying to think of some projects that will really make me interested in drawing again. I'm going to let some ideas percolate and then perhaps ask for help from people on here.

Also, I'm feeling like doing a feature journal since I haven't in a while. I don't have a sub, but still: first five people to comment on this and I'll feature you in my next journal with 3 of my faves. Yay!
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Does anyone know how to disable the new "stacks" of deviations? I want to be able to see everything people are submitting, not a stack with a preview image.

Much thanks for any help. ^^;


Edit 2: I think I figured it out, but it still seems kinda buggy and stacks again when I look in my messages. Maybe it will sort itself out.


Edit 3: They made a way to disable stacks! It's so wonderful! They must really care. :D
Also, spring break is this week, so I definitely hope to catch up here. I have 1,000 deviations to look at and about 100 messages to attend to (most of them are journals though so that's not so bad). I've really wanted to be on more but art school has made it impossible, but I hope to make up for lost time!


Edit: While I'm on here, I just posted this on my website but it is more easily accessible for people here.

"Because I can't seem to keep them, I will try not to make any more promises that I can't keep about the comic updating schedule. =/ Life is crazy and the comic really isn't my top priority, as much as I'd like it to be higher up on my list. Anyways, I am kinda bummed about it.

Something that I will promise, however, is that when I do update I will say so on Twitter. So you can follow me here: if you want to be notified when I put up a new page.

I really am sorry about this, but this project is NOT dead. Just.. seriously delayed."

So, yeah. Twitter link! I really don't use my twitter often, this will probably be the only thing I use it for, but feel free to add it anyways.
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I wrote this on my website, but here it is again because I don't think many people check the site regularly, especially when it is dead. xD

"I want to apologize for my lack of comics the past few weeks. I got back to school and the reality of the amount of work art students have hit me like a lead black balloon from Toronto right in the chest.

I think I will at least have a comic done by this Monday. I don't think I will have a weekly comic any time soon, but as I am seeming to adjust to my crazy schedule, I am tentatively going to try out bi-weekly and see how that goes. I know it is lame as it is already a slow-moving comic. I really am sorry, I wish that it was higher on my priority list, but it really can't be right now. School and finding a job and sleeping are more important.

I'll try, I swears."

That pretty much explains everything. I'm adjusting to the craziness but other things may come up. I doubt I'll be working on much personal art this semester but I will probably have some interesting things to post from my classes, eventually.

I miss DeviantArt. xD Gotta get on here more.
K I'm done now.

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Yeah I am not huge into updated DeviantArt journals, I guess.
Here are some things that have happened in my life:

+ I got into my school's art department. I am excited and very nervous at the same time. I am scared of the competition, but really looking forward to learning and improving. I have 26 class hours next semester, so will be very busy. xD

+ Finals are not too scary this semester, so I have time to work on Christmassy things, but I am still a bit lazy and not sure what I want to work on!

+ I am becoming really dissatisfied with my gallery. It seems too cluttered, and I am not proud of my works like I used to be. I feel like, if I was another person, I would not really be intrigued by my gallery. I'm not sure exactly what I should do to fix it. Actually finish art? Not let it get overtaken by comic pages and other projects? Get a sub and organize things better? [Yeah, I can't afford one right now]. I don't know, but it is discouraging. Maybe I will really clean some of it out soon.

Oh, here's a random question. I am weird and refuse to delete anything someone has faved, so if I want it out of my gallery I just scrap it. I hate it when artists take down art I love, so I don't want to do that. Even if it seems like the person faves everything I assume that they liked it enough to want to see it again, 'cause that's how I view my favorites.
So how do other people handle clearing out their galleries? Do you care about favorites & comments? Or do you prioritize your own personal feelings on something? Just curious. =]

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I was tagged by :iconkarelliann: so decided to do this. Fun stuff. =]


Here are the rules :
[1] Post these rules
[2] Each tagged person must post 8 things about themselves on their journal.
[3] At the end you have to choose 8 people to tag, and post their icons on the same journal.
[4] Go to their page and send a message saying you tagged them.
[5] NO tag-backs

1] This tag meme originally used {these} brackets, but I generally change those to ones I like more, and swirly brackets annoy me for some reason. xD

2] I have to keep my nails short and coated with nail polish, because I bite them otherwise. My favorite colors for nail polish are green and blue. =]

3] I have no idea what I want to do with my life, but it is more severe than that. I can't think of a job, even a "dream job" that I would be completely happy doing. I also don't think I will ever figure this out. xD

4] My grandfather's house has a little barn behind it so I grew up around horses. It's something I have always taken for granted and never really made my own, but I still love the smell of horses, barns, and I love barn animals (even if they're smelly!)

5] I am allergic to most things that are airborn, and also dogs and cats. That is not, however, going to prevent me from getting a cat when I am older. I love them too much.

6] I tend to be shy. It is really hard for me to meet new people, and I'm sure I come off as stuck-up, but it's not something I can really help.

7] I am not ashamed to be a huge geek. I love games, and anime, comics, and cheesy TV shows. I also like hanging around in science toy stores and at playgrounds. I hope that that never changes about me.

8] One of my biggest reservations about going to art school is that the majority of people there are female, and I much prefer the company of guys.

Now for taggies:
1] :iconaluciddreamer: 2] :iconkloquewurk: 3] :iconaeryn-0: 4] :icondancesandsways: 5] :iconjavsthemute: 6] :iconinsomniac99: 7] :iconsamiti: 8] :iconlunaticstar:

PLEASE don't feel obligated to do this. I don't have many watchers on here so don't have many people to chose from. xD If you've already done it or just don't really feel like it there's no pressure here.
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I needed to get that angst off my front page.
I have to say that my slump is pretty much kicked. =] I have been working on a lot of different stuff recently, but the problem is.. I haven't really been finishing anything. o.x I think I am trying to feverishly get as many ideas out as possible before I have to go back to school and be busy all the time. This leads to a LOT of unfinished projects--and I am the LORD of unfinished projects already, soo... Hah. xD

I am experimenting. With Flash, with acrylic paint, and other things. I don't expect to be brilliant at first but I am trying and practicing and it's been pretty fun. I just need to get some stuff finished, huh?
This is kind of a heads up, too. My gallery may at some point be filled with things that aren't my usual. I'm happy with the changes I'm going through, and there will still be some of my usual type of art, but I'm expanding and I like it.

Sundays are usually my days to catch up on other peoples' galleries and comments and such, but I actually have work today! Wisdom teeth are coming out Wednesday, I have about a week to recover from that and then my work schedule is going to be insane. So we'll see how everything goes. ^^ Sorry, though, that I haven't been able to get back to people!

I'm done rambling now!

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I think I am in a terrible everything slump right now.

I do not draw, outside of idle doodling. I have ideas but cannot bring myself to put them to paper. I have set aside all of my projects, and can come up with a billion excuses why I did so, but in truth if I really desired to be doing it I would find a way.

I do not even want to write anymore. This doesn't mean that I don't want to write creatively. No, I do not even write in my Livejournal. I don't even write comments to people on message boards. It takes a great effort to even reply to people on here or on Facebook. I don't find myself credible. I have completely run dry. This is the first time in years that I have stopped writing so entirely. Many years.

I cannot even photograph my drawings, because it has not stopped raining for more than a day in a month.

I do not know what is wrong with me, and I do not like it.

I am not even sure why I chose DeviantArt for this rant. It could easily go anywhere, or somewhere less public. I guess I am beyond caring.

I don't want to be so slumpy anymore. =/
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Hi all! This is me saying that I know I've been horribly inactive on here [I just spent about an hour going through the 700 Deviations I hadn't scrutinized yet, fewf] but finals are over on MONDAY and then I'll hopefully be around some more. I will be seeing friends and desperately hunting for jobs, but I WILL force myself to be around!

Right now I am v. determined to improve over the summer, but summer warmth always nips my inspiration in the bud, so we'll see how that goes. x.o

Here are some things you can definitely expect from me upon release from the clutches of school:
+ Photographs of the stuff I worked on for my drawing class this semester.
+ Photographs that are just photographs.
+ Continuations of some older projects.
+ New projects?

I will also be hunting for other colleges this summer. Anyone know of good schools with good art programs and possibly an illustration major? (I doubt it, but it's worth a shot).



Also, here have a mini-feature. These people have been really doing some impressive stuffs recently so it should be noted:
:iconkarelliann: and :iconlunaticstar:
So go check 'em out!

Also, people should suggest other people to feature. I need stuff to spice up my journals.
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I haven't written a journal entry up here in a long while. I'm trying to make up for lost time at college, in which I don't really have a scanner, to upload some stuff now. I've really been on a roll with drawing (*knock on wood*) this vacation and it's been great.

I'm finally starting to feel like my improvement is showing. I'm still not very good and have a lot to work on, but I'm trying things than I could never have accomplished a few years ago, and that's a good feeling even if the attempt doesn't come out perfectly, or as it looked in my head.

This coming semester I'm taking an art class, which I'm really looking forward to even though it's at 7:00 at night and goes until 10:00. xD Who knows, maybe I'll even whip up a portfolio and apply to be an art major or minor. :heart:

Another thing I wanted to do. Sometime a while ago I commissioned :iconnana-tilde-asterisk:. I wanted to show the results.… I really love how it came out--it's framed and hanging up in my dorm room. ^_^ So I wanted to show of her skills and say again how grateful I am. She really made Serenity pretty.

Alright, that's all for now. =]


I need to make us some new iconz.
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I just wanted to say that my recent inactivity on here doesn't really have to do with me not working on drawings. It's because I am at college now and don't have a scanner here! I've been taking photographs of some of the drawings that I have--but generally I've only been doing that for the ones I'm giving away and won't be able to scan later, because photographs butcher drawings even more than the sucky scanner I have at home.

When I'm home I'll make sure to scan what I've been working on. (There is some stuff, though not as much as I'd like).

I'm thinking about posting some photographs in the meantime, since I haven't done that in a while and I hate having to wait so long before I can submit stuff. XD
Although some things I want to do are still on hold because I also don't have some of my favorite programs for editing photos. Namely, Fireworks, but I don't have Photoshop or anything, either.

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How's everyone been recently? It's been a while since I've updated this thing.

First on my agenda, is to thank everyone for all the favorites on my Haruhi drawing. It's the first time I've ever gotten 10 favorites on something! So a big thanks to everyone for that. ^_^ Now I feel bad that the scan on it is so crappy, it really does look better in person. o.x

I'm thinking about getting a subscription this summer. I'm not sure yet. It would be fun, and easier to navigate. So I'll see how my finances are this summer.

I have a lot of stuff I've been wanting to draw and such recently, but it's all on hold because of the massive amount of stuff I have to do for school, including artwork for my friends and such. I basically abandoned Mother's Day because of all the other stuff I need to be doing. XD But I'm not dead yet! I swear.

I've really been interesting in sharing my writing somewhere. I was thinking about making another DeviantArt for my writing. I don't want to put it here because I feel like it would clutter my gallery even more than it is already cluttered.
Is there a better site for sharing one's writing? What do you guys think? Would anybody be interested in seeing my writing? I was thinking of posting my Stargaze scripts for whoever was interested, but I am paranoid about my story being stolen. XD

Anyways, I think that's all I really had on my mind. Have a good one, e'rybody.

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First of all, I really apologize that I haven't been getting back to people's comments and such. I was just about to go do that, and then accidentally deleted all my comments so now I'll just find what I can and reply to that. q_q Sorries.

I feel like I haven't been in the right mindspace lately.
I just went through my friends list and removed a few inactive people, but that shouldn't effect anyone here. That would be reading this. ^^ I just needed to clean stuff out. I noticed that a few people who had watched me took my of their lists, too. I don't really mind, it happens. Sometimes a person's work isn't what you expected, or they don't post enough, etc.
It doesn't exactly help my dwindling confidense, but I'll get over it. : P

The reason I haven't been posting isn't because I haven't been drawing. I feel like I've been getting worse the more I go on. I think too much and I try and it just looks awful. I'm very "stuck" right now. I can't find the good in my art anymore, even if it IS better than what I used to do, and I'm not sure that it is.
Thus, I decided to put some focus into realism, lineart, coloring. Anything but actually drawing anime art. So hopefully there will be some finished pieces up soon, but nothing super new. I've been wanting to do profiles on my characters, but they haven't been looking right, soo. Nyeh!
Sorry for the whine session. Ehneewaiz.

Only two people commented for the tag thing, so here it be. I'll probably just leave it up for a while. 8 slots open so if you still want in, yay. ^.^;

1. javsthemute
I love the angles and the focus of his photography. He has a very unique perspective that is quite enjoyable. ^_^
I'm actually kind of sad. I believe he had more pictures in his gallery that he uploaded recently and now they are GONE. Boo. : P

2. ALucidDreamer
Well first of all Beth is amazing. So is her stuff. She has ideas that are different and her photographs are always clear. Yey. AND she can draw really cute stuff. Go look.

3. Karelliann
Well, we also go way back. ^^ I was happy when I found out she had a Deviantart, because I had never really gotten to see her art before. She has some really fun photography and interesting drawings!
Also, she did just join so there wasn't much in her gallery YET, but I'm sure more will come. =]

Twas hard to pick for you guys.
I wish I had a subby subscription. ^.^; This would be better looking.

Kay class is almost over so I should go. No more classes with compy after this. =[

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Was featured in :iconjavsthemute:'s journal, so I am doing the same.
This'd be a lot more fun if I had a subbysubscription, but oh wells.

The first ten people to comment here (if there are even that many people who comment) will be featured in this entry. I'll explain what's cool about each person's art and list my three favourite deviations from his or her gallery.

The people who respond should do the same, but you shouldn't feel like you have to. =P

So hopefully at least some people comment so I get to do some featuring. =3
You have one week and then I'm gonna just feature whoever bothers to comment!


Been working on Christmas stuff and feel like my creative energy is stagnating. Bleach is amazing. Umm. I guess I don't really have anything else to say. Wish I had more time. I'm in a panic over college and Christmas shopping. Yeap.

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Tagged by ~ ALucidDreamer

The rules:
1. Post these rules
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random (hopefully interesting) facts about themselves.
3. Tags should write a journal of these facts.
4. At the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named.
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.

Here you go:
1. I'm apparently not very interesting because I completely blanked as soon as I opened this up. o.o;

2. My boyfriend and I switch clothes all the time, and I currently have a bunch of his laundry which I actually find quiet annoying! But that way when he's smelly I can make him change. =3

3. Autumn is my favorite season, and I wish this autumn was more autumny! I want to jump in a giant leaf pile!

4. I listen to all sorts of music, including really old folk, classic rock, metal, techno, and I don't even know! All sorts of stuff. The only music I don't like be rap and be hip hop, basically. Along with John Mayer. I WILL run out of the room if his music starts playing. Really it's only because I hate his voice. So I hope I don't insult anyone by saying that. =P

5. I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life.

6. I used to be much more intellectual. I used to write as if my soul depended on it. But I'm not like that anymore, I hardly ever think. Sometimes I'm glad that all the depressing thoughts are gone, but other times I miss it. I wonder if that means my muse is gone? I wonder what happened to it. XD

7. I go through silly phases in which I'll be obsessed with something for a short(ish) period of time. Some past examples are: wearing bike chains, wearing squishy glowie things, wearing a plastic fan that I named Neb. Usually the fads only end because everything starts breaking. ^.^;

8. Even though I could perhaps be classified as one, I *generally* despise obsessive fangirls. They make me think there's perhaps no place for me in the anime world.

That's all.

Tagging (I don't think I have enough people to tag! o.o;)
1. :iconkloquewurk: 2. :icondancesandsways: 3. :iconsamiti:
4. :iconjavsthemute: 5. :iconfloangel: 6. :iconlunaticstar:

Please don't feel obligated to do this. It's just for fun. ^_^

I've been rather excited about drawing lately. I hope it lasts. :D


Bai for naugh.
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It's like last year when I had web design!
I can go on DeviantArt during class because she gives us lots of free time.

I should be studying for English, but I realized that I really wanted to talk about art and stuff, and I knew I had to do a journal before I could concentrate.

I know I haven't been uploading anything, or been good with comments. Been very busy, that's all. But I actually have been drawing. I've been sitting on some things that should at least be uploaded to my scraps folder, but I haven't gotten the resolve to upload them, with everything else going on. Perhaps tonight or tomorrow I'll be able to?

Mainly my problem right now is finishing projects. I have lots of works in progress that I can't wait to show off, but no time to finish them, or I move on to something else before I can finish.

Push me to put stuff up. I have little things, extras, character designs, that can at least adorn my scraps folder. I already have some stuff scanned. I'm just lazy, and hate anything tedious because I already have lots of tedious things to do (see: working in stock, teaching for pony clun, homework and studying.)

I started a drawing.. for Eric and I's 2 year anniversary (September 22). I was amazed at how easily it came to me, how easily it came out on paper. That hardly ever happens to me. There was no struggle. I'm scared to ruin it with inking and coloring, but I'm excited to try, too. But I can't show that off until after our anniversary, unfortunately. = P I can't chance ruining the surprise.

Alright, I guess that's all I had to say. Studying time for me, now!



Ooer, by the way. I finally read the new Fruits Basket volume. It's fucking amazing. I don't think I can wait until November, when the next one comes out. So many secrets revealed!
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First of all, I'd like to apologize for falling behind on my comments and art. Mostly my comments, because I'll be uploading some new art very soon. And maybe some old art, too.

Things have been busy. I have a job for the first time, and they aren't hesitating to work me to the bone. I have all of the last-minute summer homework I need to do, and I still haven't cleaned my room or done my road lessons this summer.

The question of Art Major vs. AP English is burning at me again. I can't help but get the feeling that I'll sorely regret not taking art. It's not that I don't like English. It'll be a tough course, you know? But I know I can handle it. I hope. But just.. not taking art, and because of tough other courses not being able to draw in my free time? That'll really suck.

This year is going to be insanely busy. I'm just making my excuses now. With tons of homework, pony club, National Honor Society, preparing for and choosing my college, and my boyfriend who I'm sure I'll hardly be able to see. It's going to be stressful.

That's also bad news for the comic, which takes a long time for me to do, even if I'm in the mood for it. o.x

On the bright side, things for now have been pretty spiffy. I started going on Gaia Online and getting more into it. It inspired me to draw avatar art and such, which I will be uploading soon, even if I'm not commissioning avatar art because I know I'm busy and don't want to let people down.

I'll get to comments and such soon. For now it's uploading and then working on summer assignments, heh heh.



P.S. The Apprehensive icon really amuses me. xD
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I've been trying to see if it's possible to do those fancy journal things if you don't have a paid account. Looks like you need a subscription though, huh? That's annoying. I want fanciness. XD I had a good design to use, too. Oh wells.

I'm a tad proud of myself because I've actually been working on stuff. If I don't get a job, at least this summer won't have been a complete waste, neh?

My goals for my comic are difficult for me to foresee. I want to try to get a page done a week. I know that doesn't sound like much but it really does take me a while to do everything, and I have other stuff I want to draw. I'm hoping I can at least stick with that goal? We'll see, I suppose.
I do want to thank everyone for their support in that. =] It makes me excited to see that some people seem interested, and it's really encouraging. Though I do get more nervous, and I feel bad because I feel like I'll never get to the good stuff because it takes so long for the story to develop, and longer to draw it out. I don't know how manga artists do it. o.x

People should recommend me new anime to try to get a hold of. I've run out now that we've finished Ah! My Goddess. =3 Season 1 at least. I want Season 2 real bad.

Also, Eric and I have new icons. I saw the idea first a while ago. I can't remember the account names, but they're fairly popular on here. I thought it was adorable and wanted to do it too. ^^ I have since seen it more, but I don't care if it's an overused idea, ours are cute. xD


Narg. I can't even figure out how to center my entries. %dork%
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